Alfonso Estate Liquidation
Transforming memories into gold
  Alfonso Estate Liquidation Services
Our family own business with combined experience of over 20 years in Sales & Design, extensive knowledge of antiques and collectibles, and supported by a network of antiques, collectibles and jewelry appraisers and friendly staff, will handle as little or as much as you need to accomplish your goal.

If you are a trying to liquidate a home full of memories due to downsize or passing of a love one, we will assist you through the process by customizing our services to your needs.

We are very conscious about our environment and the impact of dumping in a land field. For this reason we give a second chance to “ Un-sellable”  items  through restoration or re-purpose.

We also support a number of charities in the East Bay and in the greater Bay Area through donations after our sales.

Starting December 20th. 2014. we will conduct a monthly live auction at 7077 Village Parkway. We will be able to liquidate the cream of the crop of multilple states in one day. The monthly auction will allow us to assist clients that do not have a large estate but want to liquidate quality colectibles and antiques.

Phone: 415 308 1393

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